Pre-Kindergarten: Our goal is for your child to be more than just ready for their next level of education. Weekly activities include:
  • letter skills, sight words
  • language arts
  • mathematics
  • fine and large motor
  • science and social studies
  • themed activities
Older Preschool: These children work on skills including:
  • small motor
  • large motor
  • social
  • self help (feeding skills, etc.)
  • letter recognition and language
Younger Preschool: Your 2-3½ year old will work on:
  • sharing and taking turns
  • self help (potty training, dressing etc.)
  • reciting ABC's and counting
  • name recognition and writing

This is a very busy age.
Toddlers: Our goal at this age is to have your child reach and exceed their developmental milestones. Including:
  • self help (feeding, drinking, etc.)
  • reading stories and turning pages
  • sitting in a chair
  • language development
Infants: As you would expect, your infant is on their own schedule. We keep your child safe, happy, and stimulated with time for quiet exploration too. Activities include:
  • listening to stories and songs
  • tummy time
  • walks outside